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What has T.A.G. Accomplished?

The major thrust of the T.A.G. campaign is to apprehend and prosecute those who are responsible for the proliferation of graffiiti. Police officers from each community sit on T.A.G.'s working committee and each municipal police department has pledged its support, including increasing police patrols and diligent reporting of graffiti instances. The combination of these increased police patrols and the stiff criminal penalties already in place in the Pennsylvania Crimes Code will ensure that offenders are arrested and punished.

Additionally, all nine participating municipalities have enacted uniform anti-graffiti legislation requiring the removal of graffiti from public and private property and limiting the availability of the most prevalent instruments of graffiti, spray paint and broad tipped indelible markers.

Finally, through the generosity of local businesses, T.A.G. was able to purchase a high pressure power washing machine, a truck, and the chemicals necessary for effective graffiti removal. This T.A.G. graffiti removal truck is operated full-time by professional graffiti removal technicians.


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